Stack Tumble Dryers


Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
Standard galvanized drum
Unique drum supporting system
Self cleaning large lint filter for easy removal and effienct drying
Radial airflow
- drum perforations over the entire surface- high production- pulley drive system
Standard frequency inverter drive
- Soft start/stop- Decreased operational noise- Increased unit lifespan
Enclosed back for easy access to all rear mounted parts
Easy serviceability and diagnostics
High performance heating
Reversing: prevents linen from tangling
Optional CARE (Combustion Auto Response Equipped)
- Prevents early laundry fire by constantly monitoring the temperature in the drum
- In case of excessive temperature, linen is sprayed with water


Vend applications:
- Easy to use control
- 4 cycles
OPL applications:
Dual Digital controls
- 4 freely adaptable programs
- Temperature, drying and cool down times easily programmable
OPTimum Control:
- 30 programmable cycles
- 3 cycle types:
Time Dry: programmable time and temperature
Auto Dry: 11 programmable automatic dryness levels and programmable temperature
Moisture Dry: will dry to the programmed moisture level at programmed temperature
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